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Kicker Marine 6.5" KM65 4 Speaker Stereo Package

Kicker Marine 6.5" KM65 4 Speaker Stereo Package
    Kicker Marine 6.5" KM65 4 Speaker Stereo Package
    Purchase Kicker Marine 6.5" KM65 4 Speaker Stereo Package
    • SKU: 45KM654-40
    • $836.97

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    • Easily Build and Buy Your Marine Stereo - It can be time consuming switching between tabs, screens, and pages trying to figure out the right speaker and amplifier combination for your boat. There's no need to go down the rabbit hole to nowhere. I'm Jeff and I own These packages are built based on what I would put in my own boat if I was going with four, Kicker 6.5" speakers. Everything in this package works well together and you don't need to make it harder than it needs to be.
    • Kicker 6.5" Speakers Deliver Affordable Value - When comparing 6.5" speakers, it almost seems too good to be true when it comes to Kicker marine speakers. The specs on the Kicker KM65 speakers are comparable to many similar speakers that cost twice as much? Why are the Kicker's so affordable? There's not a real good answer to that question. Instead, we are just happy that there is a product with these specs at the price point.
    • Speakers Include Both White and Charcoal Grilles - There's no need to choose between charocal or white speaker grilles with Kicker. Both grille colors are included in the box.
    • Option to Upgrade to RGB LED Speakers - This package comes standard with the non-LED speakers, but if you want to upgrade to LED version, select that option above.
    • 65W RMS Power Handling - The Kicker KM65 speakers can handle 65 watts RMS making them a perfect match for either the KMA or KXMA amplifier.
    • Your Choice of 4-Channel Amplifier - Choose between the Kicker KMA360.4 or the KXMA500.4 four-channel marine amplifiers. Both are solid options. The KXMA is the better amplifier with more power and has LED clipping indicators to help you optimize your gain settings, but it costs more.
    • Marine Amp Wiring Kit Included - We include a 4AWG 100% OFC copper marine amp wiring kit with this package. Both the power and ground wires are 7 meters long so that you can run both power and ground the entire way back to your battery.
    Kicker KM65 6.5" Marine Speakers White & Charocal Grilles 4 Ohm
    Kicker KM65 6.5
    Product Specs
    RMS Power Handling
    65 Watts
    Peak Power Handling
    195 Watts
    4 Ohms
    Frequency Response
    35 Hz - 21 Khz
    90.0db @ 1W/1m
    Mounting Depth
    2.785" (72mm)
    Mounting Hole Dia.
    5.125" (130mm)
    Grilles Included
    Both White and Charcoal
    LED Lighting
    No (P/N 45KMC654L Has Lights)
    Stinger Marine 4ga Amp Power Kit - 7M Power & Ground Wire
    Stinger Marine 4ga Amp Power Kit - 7M Power & Ground Wire
    Product Specs
    Power/Ground Wire Length
    22.96 ft (7m)
    Remote Wire AWG/Legnt
    22.96 ft(7m)/18ga
    Fuse Holder
    Water Resistant MIDI/AFS
    Included Fuse Rating
    80A MIDI/AFS
    Ring Terminals Included
    2 4ga Power (Red & Yellow)
    Power/Ground Wire Ferrules
    2 Pcs (4 ga)
    Speaker Wire Ferrules
    4pcs (16ga)
    Remote Wire Ferrules
    1pc (18ga)
    Spade Terminals
    5 pcs 16-22ga
    Fork Terminals
    2 pcs (8 ga)
    Butt Connectors
    1 pcs (22-18ga)
    Allen Key
    1 Pc
    Cable Ties
    20 pcs, 7" Long

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