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Best Marine Subwoofer

Best Marine Subwoofers
In most cases, the best marine subwoofer for your boat is the biggest subwoofers that will fit in the hull, that match your speakers, and you either have an amp to give them enough power or you will buy an amp to give them enough power.
  • Same Size as Existing (If Applicable)
  • Bigger Is Better (If None Exist)
  • Same Brand as Speakers
  • Same Series as Speakers-
  • Make Sure you have Enough Power
In a marine environment, your speakers and your amplifier(s) are the core of your system.

Matching Subwoofers & Amplifiers

What if my amplifier doesn't put out enough power for the subwoofer(s) that match my speakers?

  1. Buy a new amplifier with enough output
  2. Stick with the same brand as your speakers, but just go down a level.
For example:
  • If you have M6 speakers but you don't have the amplifier power for M6 subwoofers, the JL Audio M3 is probably a better bet.
  • With Rockford, if you have M2 speakers but you don't have the power for M2 subwoofers, go with the M1.
  • With Wet Sounds, if you can't power the REVO subs with your amps, go down to RECON.
Keep In Mind...

We definitely recommend adding a subwoofer to your boat, especially if you have 6.5" speakers. Some 7.7" and larger speakers can give you enough low frequency that you might be able to get by without a subwoofer, but a subwoofer will do a better job of producing bass frequencies than any full-range speakers.

However, because of the open-air environment of a boat, you don't get the cabin boost and the same output as you get in a car. There's no trunk. You don't have a rear cargo area like a hatchback or an SUV with all of the surfaces the keep the sound waves trapped. Instead, it is wide open and those low-frequency sound waves escape through the air. Three 12" subwoofers on a boat are not the same as three, 12" subwoofers in an SUV or in your trunk.

You can still get good bass on your boat, but it is just different. It is bass you can hear and bass you might feel through your feet or through your butt, but it is hard to get that bass that you feel in your chest.

If you are a true bass head:

Real Bass Output

If you want maximum bass output in your boat, you are going to need a ton of power and/or a bunch of subwoofers. We recommend the Wet Sounds REVO XXX, Wet Sounds REVO HP, JL Audio M7, Rockford Fosgate M2

If you want bass because you want your music to sound good.
Bottom End For True Full Range Response

If you want bass because you need something to fill out that bottom end, match your speaker brand and series with whatever will fit in the existing opening in the hull.

If you don't have a current subwoofer hole in the hull, 10" marine subwoofers are straightforward. Virtually every marine speaker series has a matching subwoofer is offered in a 10" model. The more 10's you have, the more bass you will get. Don't over complicate it. If a 12" is offered in the same series as your speakers, I like 12's better than 10's. The 12's handle more power and can do everything 10's can. 10's can't match the output of 12's.

But, if I am replacing an existing 10", I am not going to make the hole bigger to fit a 12". I would put a 10" back in place and be done.

Loaded Enclosures

A true, marine-grade loaded enclosure is the easiest solution to add a subwoofer if you don't already have one becuase you can set it and forget it. JL has them in the M6, Wet Sounds has a REVO 12". However, you can save some significant money by opting for a car enclosure if you can keep your subwoofer enclosure dry and out of the sun. You can do that by installing the in the storage area under your seating, or you you can often times put them down by the feet of the driver.

Subwoofer Grilles
Half of the marine subwoofers come with grilles, half do not. We recommend adding subwoofer grilles if the subwoofers you purchase do not come with them. If you don't have a grill, it is a matter of time before someone loses their balance and puts a foot through your subwoofer.
LED Rings
In addition to LEDs that are available in the subwoofer grilles, you can also add LED rings around the subwoofer itself. These fit between the hull of the boat and the subwoofer itself and give you additional LED lighting. You can wire the rings to the same controller as the speakers or run two separate controllers so that the speakers and the rings flash and change colors at different times and rates.

The best marine subwoofer for your boat is the one that fits, the one that matches your speakers, and the one that matched your amplifier's power output. If you are a bass head, you can put some serious power to a high-end woofer and get good output. Just remember, you won't get the same output in your boat that your will in your car or truck.