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The Kicker KMC4 Marine Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth is out of stock.
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Kicker KMC4 Marine Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth

Kicker KMC4 Marine Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth
    Kicker KMC4 Marine Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth
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    Kicker Marine Head Unit with All the Features Without Some of the Fluff

    The Kicker KMC4 delivers value with many of the features that come on the higher-end KMC5, but at a more affordable price point.

    • Both Black and Chrome Bezels Included - The KMC5 comes with both black and chrome trim bezels to match the style of your boat.
    • Bluetooth Streaming - Stream your music from your directly device to the head unit and through your boat's stereo system. This unit does not have a microphone input Bluetooth, hands-free calling.
    • IP66 Rated - The KMC5 is will withstand powerful water jets, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet from rain, splashes, or whatever else mother nature can throw at it. If you spray it with a hose, you are probably fine. Don't shoot a pressure washer directly at the head unit, but you probably knew that anyway.
    • AM/FM/WB Tuner - Listen to your favorite radio station and also get notified if sudden, expected wheather is on the way with the AM/FM/WB tuner
    • 3" Mounting Hole Diameter - Installation is easy with a 3" diameter opening. If you need to cut a hole, a 3" diameter hole saw will do the trick.
    • 4 Zones - Front, Rear, Subwoofer, and Zone 2 outputs give you control over 4 separate listening zones. The subwoofer zone is dedicated to low frequency output, but for the others, you can adjust the volume on Zone 1, adjust the fader on Zone 1, adjust the subwoofer level, and control the volume on Zone 2. Some say its 4 zones, others say it's 2. Who are we to decide.
    • 4 Channel Output - Power up to 4 speakers with the built-in amplifier that delivers 38W x 6 at 2 Ohms and 25W x 4 at 4 Ohms. (We still recommend an external amp for most marine stereo systems though)
    • Low Battery Alert - The last thing you want is to be stranded because you were having too much fun. The KMC5 has a low battery alert that will monitor and alert you when the battery voltage gets low. This allows you to turn the engine(s) back on before your batteries die.
    • Voltage Display - Similar to the low battery alert, the voltage display will show you the current voltage of the battery connected to the head unit so you know where you are at, potentially before the low battery alert kicks in
    • Day/Night Mode - At night, the last thing you want is a bright white screen that is blinding you. The KMC5 allows you to switch between day and night modes for a better experience regardless of whether or not the sun is out.
    • RGB LED Connections - If you are using an RGB LED controller, you can connect the KMC5 to the RGB LED controller so that the light pipe around the radio will match the rest of the speakers in your boat. In the image above, the green ring you see around the radio will change to the colors of the RGB LED controller when connected.
    • Connect Both Digital and Analog Remote Inputs - You can add the Kicker KRC12 for a simple analog remote or you can connect the KRC55 using the digital remote to easily control your stereo while you are not at the helm.

      What's the difference between the Kicker KMC4 and KMC5?

      We would say that the KMC4 has most of the "Core" features that come on the KMC5. But these are the main differences.

      • KMC5 has a Larger, Better Screen with RGB LED Border - The bigger better screen looks better, but does it matter to you?
      • KMC5 is SiriusXM Ready - This either matters to you or it doesn't. You can always stream SiriusXM via Bluetooth and the app
      • KMC5 is NMEA Compatible - This matters if you have a salt water boat. If you on a lake or the river, it probably doesn't matter.
      • KMC5 has 6 Channel Output - If you are using amplifiers, this doesn't matter. If you aren't using an amp, the output from the KMC5 will sound better.

    Product Specs
    Screen Size
    Power Output
    38W x 4 RMS
    Apple Compatible
    Bluetooth Only
    Android Compatible
    Bluetooth Only
    Sirius XM Ready
    Aux Input
    USB Charging
    RCA Outputs
    4 Sets
    NMEA 2000 Port
    5.5" (139.7mm)
    3.5" (88.9mm)
    Face Depth
    1.125" (28.6mm)
    Mounting Depth
    4.75" (120.7mm)
    Speaker Impedance
    2 Ohm
    Trim Rings Included
    Video Input

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