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Best Small Marine Amplifiers

  • Are you limited on space and but still looking for an incredible stereo system?
  • Do you want a stereo that will play loud and clear without breaking the bank?

Our selection of small marine amplifiers are perfect if you have a boat, UTV, or RV and you need to maximize your power per square inch. These amplifiers are designed to take up minimal space while providing full-size output. We have small marine amplifiers from the best brands in the business like Rockford Fosgate, Wet Sounds, Kicker, Soundigital, and more.

Small Marine Amplifier Pros/Cons

The concept behind small marine amplifiers is fantastic. Super small amplifiers that deliver full size power and withstand the elements. However, there are some limitations to these products and it is important to understand where, how, and when you use your boat, UTV, or RV.


  • Small Chassis
  • Full Size Output
  • Affordable Price Points
  • Lower current draw is ideal for smaller vehicle charging systems


  • Heat
  • Heat Causes Distortion
  • 400 Watts from a Small Amp is not the same as 400 Watts from a Full-Size Amp

So, let's say you have a boat and you take it out during the summer months when its 90+ degrees. If you are on your boat ALL DAY, with the stereo turned up loud the entire time, and you never turn it off, a small marine amplifier is probably not the right product. Instead, you want a full-size amp that is going to have the heat sinking and surface area to dissipate that heat. These small amps put out alot of power, but that's because the power supplies are working hard.

At the same time, if you take your boat out for some high speed passes, crank up the stereo, but then go back to the dock, or the bar, or wherever, these small marine amplifiers will work perfectly fine. You aren't railing on your stereo all day long. You might crank it up for a little while, but the amps have time to cool down and you don't have to worry about them going into protect mode or just getting really hot.

If you have a UTV, you simply don't have the space for full-size amplifiers to get the power output that you want. In addition, the stater on the UTV doesn't have the current output to properly charge the batteries to supply a full size amplifier with the current it wants. These small marine amplifiers are perfect for your UTV.

Recommended For

  • Those on a budget looking for maximum output per dollar
  • Those with limited space to mount the amplifier
  • Those that don't worry about their amplifiers getting warm/hot
  • Those that don't take their boat out on hot days and play the stereo up loud, ALL DAY LONG.

Not Recommended For

  • Those looking for the best output regardless of the price point
  • Those with plenty of room to mount their amplifiers
  • Those that worry about their amps getting hot/warm and shutting off
  • Those that take their boat out on hot days and play the stereo turned up loud, ALL DAY LONG.

Best Mini Marine Amps

Rockford Fosgate Power Mini Marine Amplifiers

The Rockford Fosgate power mini amplifiers were among the first, marine-grade, compact amplifiers. The Rockford Fosgate power mini amplifiers deliver full-sized power in a super compact chassis. These amplifiers are pretty remarkable when you look at the output, features, and onboard technology. The Rockford Fosgate Power mini marine amplifiers use Rockford's C.L.E.A.N. technology to identify both input and output clips. This allows you to optimize your gain settings to get maximum output from your amplifier and head unit without getting a clipped signal which can and eventually will blow your speakers. In addition to the C.L.E.A.N. setup, these amplifiers also have constant power circuits. The constant power circuits ensure that you are getting the full rated power across all impedances. As the speaker cone moves, the impedance changes. This means, the amplifier may see a 1 ohm load and it might see an 8 or 12 ohm load becuase music is dynamic. With the constant power circuit, you are getting the full rated power at 2 ohms, 4 ohms, and even 8 ohms. This technology delivers sound quality and volume you can hear.

Wet Sounds STX Micro Marine Amplifier

The Wet Sounds STX Micro amplifiers deliver tons of raw, Class D power in a super compact footprint that is waterproof. The STX Micro amplifiers come in both a 4 channel and monoblock configuration. These amplifiers were originally designed for use in UTVs and ATVs, but they can also be used on your boat if you are tight on space. Wet Sounds has made a name for themselves for being loud and powerful and the STX Micro-4 and STX-Micro-1 do not disappoint. These amplifiers have 3.5mm inputs and are perfect for pairing up with a Wet Sounds Bluetooth Rocker Switch or their Dual Zone Bluetooth controller.

Kicker PXA Marine Amplifiers

Kicker has recently updated and upgraded their PXA amplifiers. These amplifiers are waterproof like the Wet Sounds STX Micro and come in monoblock, 4 channel, and 5 channel configurations. Like the Wet Sounds amplifiers, the Kicker PXA amplifiers use Class D circuitry and with the latest release, Kicker has really upped the power output. These amplifiers will provide tons of clean power while taking up minimal space. Like the Wet Sounds STX Micro amplifiers, the Kicker PXA amplifiers come with power wire pig tails which allow for easy installation if you are close to the battery or a bus bar.

Rockford Fosgate M5 Marine Amplifiers

The Rockford Fosgate M5 amplifiers are their latest small marine amplifiers that offer superior water protection and some other unique features compared to the power mini marine amplifiers. The M5 amplifiers are very similar to the power mini marine, but the M5 amplifiers put out more power at 2 ohms, are IPX6 rated, and they have some special signal processing if you are using them with Rockford speakers and subwoofers in your UTV. If you are using a Rockford PMX-2 or PMX-3 amplifier, and dpending on how you have your speakers wired, you can turn the pre-sets to the "On" position and know that your gains are perfectly set.

Stinger SPX Marine Amplifiers

Stinger has been in the car audio industry for a while, but they are relatively new to the marine amplifier market. The Stinger SPX amplifiers are available in a 2 channel, 4 channel, and 5 channel configuration and use Class D circuitry to deliver tons of clean power to your speakers. The head of product development at Stinger came from Rockford Fosgate and has designed these amplifiers to compete with the best products in the industry. When you look at the power ratings of these Stinger amplifiers, you are getting what you are paying for. These aren't no-name, when lighnting strikes ratings, but instead the actual power ratings from these amplifiers. The Stinger SPX amplifiers are impressive!