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What Speakers Work Best on a Center Console Boat?

Center Console Boats are multi-faceted boats that work well for fishing trips, water skiing and day cruises. But with these boats, finding space for a sound system can be a problem and standard marine speakers are not going to be able to perform at their fullest capability because Center Consoles Boats don’t have the space to completely emit their soundwaves. Here at Marine Stereo we recommend investing in a Soundbar or Wake Tower Speakers for your Center Console Boat.

Soundbar Speakers
Soundbar Speakers are all-in-one speaker systems that will produce the same high quality surround sound as other marine speakers without requiring the same space to emit their soundwaves. We provide several different types of Soundbar Speakers that will fit perfectly for any Center Console Boat. The Soundbar Speaker we offer on Marine Stereo comes from some of the top manufactures in the business.

Our Favorite Soundbar Speakers
Wetsounds has provided us with their most optimal Soundbar Speakers. Their Sealth Amplified 10 Soundbar Speaker features an AUX input, an RCA Pre-Out and of course a built-in amplifier that runs at 300W of power. If you are willing to pay a little extra, the Sealth Amplified 10 from Wetsounds is a Soundbar Speaker that is multi-talented and powerful.
Wet Sounds Soundbar Speakers

Memphis Audio offers both 20” and a 35” Soundbar that come with a built-in Bluetooth, so no need to pay extra for an installment. With the 20” Soundbar, you’ll get 4-6 mid speakers depending on the model and 2 tweeter cones to produce high audio frequencies. The 35” Soundbar Speaker from Memphis features 8-10 mid speakers instead of 4-6 and the built-in amplifier runs on 300W of power, much more powerful than the 20”. Both speakers are great options, if you are looking for something basic, something to get out on your center console than the 20” is the better choice. But if you want the premium quality that makes Memphis such a sought after product, go with the 35” option.
Memphis Soundbar Speakers

Wake Tower Speakers
Wake Tower Speakers are another type of speaker that can fit perfectly for your Center Console Boat. Wake Tower Speakers are considered some of the best speakers to work for Center Console Boats because they can produce the same type of power as other standard marine speakers. They come protected in small enclosure that make them look like cans; that’s why people often call them “Can Speakers.” Because they can be mounted high on boats, the sound travels easily through the elements so you won’t have to worry about your audio quality being disrupted by all of the outside elements that the marine environment brings.

Our Favorite Wake Tower Speakers
Kicker’s KMTC8 Wake Tower Speakers which features a four ohm voice coil for a powerful, optimum sound performance. The KMTC8 comes with a UV-Resistant Polymer Basket to protect the can from the harmful sunlight.
Kicker Wake Tower Speakers

With Rockford Fosgate’s Wake Tower Speakers you’re getting a bundle. When you purchase from Marine Stereo, you’ll get a pair of Wake Tower Speakers, a 400W 2 channel marine grade amplifier and a set of die cast clamps to keep the speakers secured. Rockford Fosgate’s can speakers come with a high-density poly-ethylene enclosure that comes with UV inhibitors.
Rockford Fosgate Wake Tower Speakers

JL Audio’s M3 ETXv3 Can Speaker comes with the multiple options for grilles. You can get a White Sport, White Classic and Titanium Sport (all with No LED’s). You can get Titanium Sport Grille and White Sport Grille with LED lights if that is what you prefer. The MX770’s offer fixed, swivel, surface or direct OEM mounting brackets that keep your speakers secured and provides a cool design that will give your Center Console Boat a cool look.
JL Audio Wake Tower Speakers