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Wet Sounds Stealth Surge Amplified 6 Speaker Soundbar Black

Wet Sounds Stealth Surge Amplified 6 Speaker Soundbar Black
    Wet Sounds Stealth Surge Amplified 6 Speaker Soundbar Black
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    The Wet Sounds STEALTH60 SURGE-B 6 speaker sound bar has a built-in, 200 watt amplifiers to deliver crystal clear sound in a compact, easy to install soundbar. The Wet Sounds Surge sound bar is 20.70" long and has the same power behind it as their top of the line, ULTRA HD model, but the Surge does not have the built-in Bluetooth and the on-board controller. With the Wet Sounds STEALTH-6 SURGE-B sound bar, you need a separate head unit, Bluetooth controller, or a simple AUX cord. We recommend using the Wet Sounds WW-BT-RS or the WS-MC-2 in conjuction with the Surge sound bar. The Wet Sounds Bluetooth Rocker Switch gives you Bluetooth connectivity, volume control, and track control while using minimal real estate on the helm or dash board.

    For mounting, the Wet Sounds STEALTH-6 SURGE-B 10 comes with end mounts that can be mounted directly to a bar or flat surfce. These mounts use screws as the fastners so you will be required to drill or create holes. If you want to mount to a round or square tube, you can purchase the slider brackets and tube clamps for a quick install that does not require creating holes or drilling.

    Don't forget to check out the Wet Soudns Stealth AS subwoofers to easily add some bass to your sound bar stereo system. The Stealth AS subwoofers have a built-in amplifier, withstand the elements, and easily connect to the Surge soundbar for a minimally invasive sound system that will play loud, play clear, and withstand the elements.

    If you are debating between the Ultra HD and the Surge, the biggest difference in our opinion is the user interface. With the Wet Sounds STEALTH-6 ULTRA HD-B, you need control the soundbar on the soundbar itself. If the soundbar is not within reach, you have to use the included remote. If that remote is not within reach, it is quite difficult. In addition, on the Ultra HD, you turn the soundbar on and off on the soundbar itself. The remote only controls volume and tracks. With the Surge soundbar, you can use the remote wire and have the soundbar turn on when your WW-BT-RS turns on, turn on when your head unit turns on, or turn on with a switch, or turn on with ignition, depending on how you wire that blue remote wire.

    Product Specs
    Number of Speakers
    Built In Amplifier
    Bluetooth Enabled
    Remote Control
    Auxiliary Input
    RCA Pre-Out
    Frequency Response
    40 Hz - 20 kHz
    Operating Voltage
    IP Rating
    IP67 (Total Dust & Water Up to 1m)
    20.70" (525.78mm)
    3.70" (93.98mm)
    3.92" (99.57mm)
    How do I know which one to get?

    The most important factor when purchasing a marine soundbar is the length. You want to buy the longest sound bar you can fit for your ideal mounting location. There are a ton of variables that impact the mounting location so there is not absolute answer, but measure the distances you have and compare those with the lengths of the soundbar to find the ideal length for your boat or UTV.

    How does the soundbar mount?

    The sound bar includes "L" brackets and top mount brackets with the soundbar. This will allow you to easily mount it to a flat surface. In addition, the top, back, and bottom of the sound bar are slotted to accept the Wet Sounds slider brackets. When you combine the slider brackets and the tube clamps, you can easily mount your Wet Sounds sound bar to select sizes of round and square tubing. The slider brackets move in and out so that you can be sure to clear and angled support tubes.

    How do you wire the soundbar?

    The soundbar uses 3 wires for power. The thick, red wire goes to the positive terminal on your battery. The large black wire goes to negative on your battery. There is also a blue remote wire that is used for switched, 12v power. This allows you turn the sound bar on and off with a switch or with the radio. When wired to the remote wire on your head unit, the Surge or Core soundbar will turn on and off when the radio turns on and off.

    Is the soundbar going to be loud enough when out on the water?

    The soundbar will play loud enough for those on the boat while at speed, out on the water. Both the 6 speaker and 10 speaker models will play much louder than you probably expect. The 10 speaker is obviously going to play louder than the 6 speaker because it has more power and more speakers.

    Do I need to add a subwoofer?

    Adding a Wet Sounds Stealth AS powered subwoofer to your soundbar will fill out the bottom end of your music. Bass is difficult in an open air environment that you get on both boats and UTVs. While the soundbars deliver much better bass output than you would expect, you can't substitute the output you get from a subwoofer. Adding a Stealth AS-10, AS-8, or AS-6 subwoofer will improve both the sub-bass and mid-bass response of your soundbar stereo system.

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