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Wet Sounds Golf Cart Stereo Kit

Wet Sounds Golf Cart Stereo Kit
    Wet Sounds Golf Cart Stereo Kit
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    • SKU: WS-GC-SK
    • $1,019.96

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    • Wet Sounds WS-MC-2 Marine Grade Head Unit with Bluetooth
    • Wet Sounds Golf Cart Wiring Harness
    • (4) 6.5" Wet Sounds Speakers
    • Option to Upgrade to REVO 6 or ZERO 6 Series Speakers
    • Option to Add an STX Micro 4 Channel Amplifier and Golf Cart Amp Harness
    • Option to Add a STEALTH Powered Subwoofer
    • Option to Add RGB LED Speaker Rings
    • Option to Add a RGB LED Controller

    This 4 speaker golf cart stereo system is the perfect upgrade for any golf cart enthusiast. The Wet Sounds WS-MC-2 has Bluetooth connectivity, an AM/FM tuner, and AUX input. The four Wet Sounds marine grade speakers provide crisp, clear sound and the speakers are specifically designed for outdoor use. The Wet Sounds golf cart wiring harness is completely plug and play and ensures easy and safe installation. Together, these components will give you the perfect audio experience while driving or riding in your golf cart, regardless of your budget.

    • Plug and Play Harness - The Wet Sounds Golf Cart wiring harness is designed to be plug and play with the REVO and RECON speakers and the WS-MC-2 head unit. Everything is pre-terminated and there is no cutting, crimping, soldering, or heat shrink required. You connect the harness to your 12V battery, plug it into the head unit and plug the speaker plugs into the speakers.
    • Marine Grade Head Unit with Bluetooth - The Wet Sounds WS-MC-2 head unit will withstand the elements, comes with Bluetooth, AUX, and an AM/FM/WB tuner.
    • 25W x 4 RMS from WS-MC-2 Head Unit - The Wet Sounds WS-MC-2 will provide 25 watts RMS to each speaker from the built-in Amplifier
    • Head Unit Installs in a 3" Dia. Hole - The Wet Sounds WS-MC-2 head unit installs with a standard 3" diameter hole cut out for easy installation.
    • RECON Speakers = No Amplifier - If you are not adding the 4 channel amplifier, we recommend choosing the Wet Sounds RECON 6 6.5" speakers
    • REVO or ZERO Speakers = With Amplifier - If you are adding the STX Micro 4 amplifier, we recommend that you upgrade to either the REVO 6 or ZERO 6 speakers.
    • We Definitely Recommend Adding the Amplifier - In an outdoor environment, you want the power from the amplifier. If you are spending the money, buy once, cry once...
    • Stealth AS Subwoofers Deliver Bass that Withstands the Elements - If you want to add bass to your golf cart's stereo system, the STEALTH series, powered subwoofers are the perfect choice. You can choose between an 8" or 10" model and the subwoofer is designed to plug directly into the Wet Sounds golf cart harness. The subwoofer comes pre-installed in the enclosure and the amplifier is built-in. This subwoofer system is a fast and easy way to add bass that will withstand the elements.
    • Optional RGB LEDs - All of the REVO 6 speakers come with RGB LEDs integrated into the speaker grille. With the RECON 6 speakers, you have the option to select whether or not the speakers have RGB LEDs. With the ZERO speakers, there are no RGB LEDs in the speaker grilles and if you want RGB LEDs, you would need to add the speaker rings that install between the speaker and the mounting surface.
    • Add RGB Speaker Rings - If you want even more lights, you can add RGB LED speaker rings that install between the speaker and the mounting surface on your golf cart. These will sync up to the RGB LED controller if you are using it, or you can hard wire them to a specific color.
    • Add RGB LED Controller - The Wet Sounds WWX-RGB-RS fits a standard Carling style rocker switch opening and allows you to change the color and flashing modes for the RGB LEDs on your speakers or speaker rings. This is a compact way to get full control of your LEDs without having to worry about a remote or using your phone.

    What Components Do You Recommend?

    • If this is our golf cart, I am 100% adding the amplifier and choosing the REVO 6 speakers. If you have a black golf cart, I would go with one of the black grilles. Otherwise, silver is the way to go because it is neutral.

    • If you want any bass, you need to add the subwoofer. It is important to keep in mind that bass in a golf cart is different than bass in a car. In a golf cart, you are in an open air environment. There are no surfaces, windows, doors, or roofs to trap those sound waves and provide cabin boost. I would probably pass on the subwoofer and know that you can always add it later and simply plug it in.

    • The RGB LED speaker rings look cool, but they aren't necessary. It will also require you to buy Y adapter cables if you want to use them.

    • If you are going to connect the RGB LEDs in your speakers, add the controller. It's just better when you can change colors and change modes depending on the mood, time of year, who you are with, etc.

    Wet Sounds WS-MC-2 Bluetooth Media Receiver with AM/FM/Weatherband
    Wet Sounds WS-MC-2 Bluetooth Media Receiver with AM/FM/Weatherband
    Product Specs
    Screen Size
    Power Output
    25W x 4
    Apple Compatible
    Android Compatible
    Limited. See Owner's Manual
    Sirius XM Ready
    Aux Input
    USB Charging
    RCA Outputs
    3 Sets
    5.1" (129mm)
    Face Depth
    1.3" (34mm)
    4.1" (105mm)
    Mounting Hole Dia.
    3.1" (80mm)
    Mounting Depth
    2.9" (73mm)
    Speaker Impedance
    2 Ohm Stable
    Video Input
    Wet Sounds RECON 6.5" Marine Speakers - Silver XS Grilles
    Wet Sounds RECON 6.5
    Product Specs
    RMS Power Handling
    60 Watts
    Peak Power Handling
    120 Watts
    4 Ohms
    Frequency Response
    40Hz - 20kHz
    89 db @ 1w/1m
    Mounting Depth
    2.6" (66.04mm)
    Mounting Hole Diameter
    5.0" (127mm)
    .75" Aluminum Dome
    LED Lighting
    Silver - Open Style

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