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Rockford Fosgate M2 12 Inch Marine Subwoofer 2 Ohm DVC White for Enclosures

Rockford Fosgate M2 12 Inch Marine Subwoofer 2 Ohm DVC White for Enclosures
    Rockford Fosgate M2 12 Inch Marine Subwoofer 2 Ohm DVC White for Enclosures
    Purchase Rockford Fosgate M2 12 Inch Marine Subwoofer 2 Ohm DVC White for Enclosures
    • SKU: M2D2-12S
    • $499.99

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    Looking to add maximum bass with a 12" marine subwoofer that is designed for an enclosure?

    Are you a bass head and a free-air marine subwoofer doesn't do it for you?

    The Rockford Fosgate M2D2-12S delivers better performance than other marine grade subwoofers, it costs less money, and you get the increased output from a subwoofer in a sealed enclosure.

    • 400 Watts RMS Power Handling - The more power you can send to your subwoofer, the harder they will hit and the better they will sound. At 400 watts RMS, the 12" M2 handles more power than the other guys, it will last just as long, and it costs less money. There's no catch, it's just a great value.
    • 2 Ohm DVC with Versaswitch Voice Coils - You can quickly and easily set this subwoofer to 1 Ohms or 4 Ohms without having to worry about the wiring across the voice coils on each subwoofer. With this, you can wire this subwoofer to the following configurations:
      • 1 Subwoofer @ 1 Ohm
      • 1 Subwoofer @ 4 Ohms
      • 2 Subwoofers @ 2 Ohms
      • 3 Subwoofers @ 3 Ohms
      • 3 Subwoofers @ 1.34 Ohms
      • 4 Subwoofers @ 1 Ohm
      • 4 Subwoofers @ 4 Ohms
    • Designed for .75 Cu. Ft. Sealed Enclosures - This subwoofer is not designed to screw into the hull of your boat. This subwoofer is designed and works best when installed in a .75 cu. ft. sealed enclosure. You will need to ensure that you provide the proper amount of air space, but you will be rewarded with better sounding and harder-hitting bass than a free-air installation.
    • Both Sport & Stainless Steel Mesh Grilles Included - Choose the grille style that best suits your boat and you! Both the 6-spoke sport style grilles and the stainless steel mesh grilles are included in the box.
    • Color Optix RGB LEDs - Wiring RGB LEDs can be a pain with the wires, twisting, custting, crimping, soldering, heat shrinking etc. Instead with Rockford's ColorOptix RGB LEDs, buy the cables you need for each subwoofer, buy the PMX-RGB controller, and plug one end of the cable into the RGB LED controller and the other end into the subwoofer. Save yourself hours and a headache.
    • IP67 Rated - Some companies say the product is marine grade, Rockford proves it with the IP67 rating on this subwoofer. The IP67 rating means that this subwoofer is dust-tight and can withstand temporary submersion in up to 1 meter of water. You can spray these down with a hose without worrying about water.
    • Backed by a 2 Year Warranty - These aren't "1-2 season" subwoofers and Rockford stands behind these subwoofers with a 2 year warranty.
    • Hard Hitting Bass for Less Money - Rockford is known for subwoofers and these M2 12 inch marine subwoofers are no exception. You get a 12" subwoofer that handles more power, has more installation flexibility, and costs less money than the other guys.

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