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JL Audio XDM400/4 400 Watt 4 Channel Marine Amplifier

JL Audio XDM400/4 400 Watt 4 Channel Marine Amplifier
    JL Audio XDM400/4 400 Watt 4 Channel Marine Amplifier
    Purchase JL Audio XDM400/4 400 Watt 4 Channel Marine Amplifier
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    The JL Audio XDM400/4 is one of the most versatile and best selling marine amplifiers that we offer. These JL Audio M-series amplifiers use JL Audio NexD switching technology to deliver significant power that is super clean, all while keeping heat to a minimum. The JL Audio XDM400/4 is amazing because you can rail on it all day, regardless of how hot it is outside, and this amplifier is going to deliver.

    This amplifier puts out 75 watts to 4 channels at 4 ohms, 100 watts to 4 channels at 2 ohms, and 200 watts to 2 channels when bridged at 4 ohms. JL is able to deliver this power while also staying cool, and minimizing distortion thanks to their NeXD switching technology. The switching technology with NexD swtiches the amplifier with super high frequency, over 400 Khz, and reads the power supply voltage to cancel out any distortion due to voltage fluctuation. This delivers unrivaled efficiency and less distortion means less heat. Less heat means that your amps run cooler, sound better, and you don't have to worry about them cutting out when you are out at the sandbar and the party is rockin'.

    In addition to the NexD switching technology, the XDM400/4 also uses JL's Advanced Rollback Protection. The Advanced Roll Back Protection technology monitors the amplifiers temperature to eliminate shut-downs. There is nothing worse than being out on the boat, having a great time, the music's turned up load, it's hot, and waaah waaah wahhhhhhhhhh, your amplifier shuts off because it got too hot. Major party foul! With the XDM400/4 with Advanced Rollback Protection the amplifier cuts off ONLY the peak power output when it senses that it is getting too hot and it rolls back the power so that the music keeps playing, but because it's only at the peaks you don't notice. This allows the amplifier to cool itself down, and get back to normal operating temperatues without you, your friends, and fellow party people even noticing. In addition, when the amplifier is back within "Normal" operating temperatures, it will automatically go back to full output. You don't have to turn the amp on or off. This allows everyone to continue the good times, without noticing any loss in sound quality, when it's hot out and you have been blasting your stereo all day.

    From a signal processing standpoint, the XDM400/4v2 includes a 12 dB / octave filter for each channel bank, which can be configured as a low-pass or high-pass filter and offers continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50-500 Hz.

    Use it in one of many useful configurations:

    • Four-channel Satellite Amp: drive 2 pairs of speakers with 75 W x 4
    • Three-Channel System Amp: drive satellites with 75 W x 2 @ 4Ω, plus one 4Ω subwoofer with 200 W each
    • Big Two-Channel System Amp: drive left and right speakers with 200W x 2 @ 4Ω

    This marine amplifier features white and gray powder-coat finishes, a gasketed cover for the controls and stainless steel hardware for durability in the marine environment.

    Product Specs
    Rated Power @ 4 Ohm (Full Range)
    75W x 4
    Rated Power @ 2 Ohm (Full Range)
    100W x 4
    Rated Power @ 4 Ohm (Bridged)
    200W x 2
    Frequency Response
    12Hz - 22kHz
    Input Sensitivity
    100mV - 4V
    OFF, High-Pass, Low-Pass
    12 dB/Octave
    THD+N @Rated Power
    <1.0% @ 2 Ohms
    Selectable Input Mode
    Pass-Through Pre-Amp Output
    Recommended Power Wire
    4 AWG
    2.05" (52mm)
    8.52" (216mm)
    7.09" (180mm)
    Remove Level Control
    Yes (HD-RLC)

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