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Fusion MS-RA770 Apollo Series Touchscreen Stereo with WiFi

Fusion MS-RA770 Apollo Series Touchscreen Stereo with WiFi
    Fusion MS-RA770 Apollo Series Touchscreen Stereo with WiFi
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    The Fusion Apollo series, MS-RA770 marine radio is a a touch screen head unit with built-in Wi-Fi streaming, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and Fusion's PartyBus Network. The MS-RA770 radio has virtually every other feature you could possible want in a source unit with the following:
    • AM/FM
    • Wi-Fi Streaming
    • Apple AirPlay 2
    • UPnP
    • Bluetooth
    • Optical In
    • USB
    • Dual AUX
    • iPhone/iPod
    • MTP
    • DAB+ Ready
    • SiriusXM Ready
    • 70W x 4 Peak Output
    • Fusion PartyBus

    What makes the MS-RA770 unique is the wi-fi connection, the touchscreen interface, and the PartyBus Network. To really take advantage of the MS-RA770 you need to have a wifi connection on your boat. The Wi-Fi connection is what allows Apple AirPlay 2 to function and it is what enables the Fusion PartyBus network. If you don't have Wi-fi, you can probably get all the functionality you want and need from a less expensive unit.

    The Fusion PartyBus Network allows you to connect and control multiple Fusion radio from the MS-RA770. You can create multiple "Groups" where the audio from one head unit is synchronized and played across all head units, some head units, or just the RA770, depending on how you have your groups setup, and how many groups you have. With PartyBus, you can turn other radios on and off and control the volume of the other radios. There is also a "Home Zone" feature which is where the actual MS-RA770 is located. With this, when audio is changed in another zone, it will default back to the control of the home zone after a period of inactivity. All of this functionality requires each unit to be connected to the wi-fi network. You will need the Fusion Link app as well to join or quit the PartyBus from one of the remote radios.

    The Built in DSP in the MS-RA770 optimizes the audio signal the remove distortion and equalize volume. You can create profiles for the environment and each speaker so that you have customized output the deliver the right frequencies to the right speakers, given the environment. The sound profile you want outside is going to be different than the sound profile you want in the cabin. With the built-in DSP in the RA770, you can customize this to your needs

    The MS-RA770 offers versatile mounting options. The chassis of the radio will fit a standard DIN size opening. If you have a customized, glass helm, you could also mount the RA770 flush for a seemless integration. This would only show a protruding volume button and everything else would sit flush.

    Product Specs
    4.3" Capacitive Touch Glass LCD
    Apple AirPlay
    Wi-Fi Audio Streaming
    Digital Optical Input
    Auxiliary Inputs
    DAB+ Ready
    DSP Pre-Configured
    Fusion-Link Control
    PartyBus Technology
    Yes (Receive & Broadcast)
    Bluetooth Profile
    Audio Streaming & Music Control (A2DP/AVRCP 1.3)
    NMEA 2000
    Fits DIN Cut-Out
    IP Rating
    IPX6 and IPX7 from Front Panel
    Peak Power
    70W x 4
    Ethernet Ports
    RCA Pre-Out Zones
    Subwoofer Pre-Out
    Operating Voltage
    10.8 - 16V dc
    7.5625" x 3.25" x .8125" (192mm x 82mm x 20.4mm)
    Mounting Dimensions
    2" x 3.9325" (50mm x 99mm)

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