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Fusion Apollo Series 1740 Watt 6 Channel Marine Amplifier

Fusion Apollo Series 1740 Watt 6 Channel Marine Amplifier
    Fusion Apollo Series 1740 Watt 6 Channel Marine Amplifier
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    The Fusion Apollo Series 6 channel marine amplifier is one of the best sounding and most powerful 6 channel amplifiers you can put in your boat. There's only one catch. You have to use a Fusion Apollo Series head unit. The Fusion Apollo series head units are the best head units you can install in your boat, so that's not a huge issue. But, if you don't have one already or if you don't plan on buying one, this amplifier is not going to work. The next best alternative would be the Fusion Signature Series or the JL Audio XDM series.

    • Ease of Installation - The idea behind these Apollo series amplifiers is ease of installation. Fusion has done that primarily with their Easy Tune DSP and Mounting Bracket System
    • 150W RMS Per Channel - With 150 RMS per channel at 4 ohms, this amplifier can provide more than enough power for the Fusion Signature Series speakers. Whether you are powering the 6.5", the 7.7" or the 8.8", this Apollo Series amp can more than do the job.
    • Easy Tune DSP - The Easy Tune DSP automatically sets and regulates the audio settings for the best sound quality possible. You program your head unit and amplifier to tell it which speakers and/or subwoofers are on each channel the amplifier and head unit will adjust the settings for the best sound quality. There's no need for manual controls
    • Mounting Brackets - On a boat, it is often best practice to mount the amplifier vertically with the wire connections at the bottom to ensure that any moisture or water does not end up in the amplifier due to gravity. The problem is that mounting an amplifier vertically can be difficult and often times requires more than 2 hands. The Fusion Apollo series amplifiers use a mounting bracket system that allows you to mount the bracket first (which is light and easy to mount) and then the amplifier slides onto the bracket and locks into place. The bracket system is secure and the amplifier(s) will not dislodge or bounce around even in rough waters.
    • 2 Ohm Stable - You can use this 6 channel amplifier to power up to 6 pairs of speakers or it can be used to power up to 4 pairs of speakers and a subwoofer. You can bridge Zone 3 into high power mode to use this as a 5 channel amplifier and the Easy Tune DSP will handle the audio settings for each zone.
    • True Marine Design - Fusion is a Garmin brand, one of the most trusted names in marine electronics. These Apollo Series amplifiers are designed to last season after season and have been tested against salt fog, temperature, vibration, and UV.
    • Less Distortion - The sound quality and power output of these amplifiers is unmatched. Some amps distort at higher power but the Fusion Apollo amps are designed to play loud, clean, and without distortion
    • Ignition Protected - There is an intelligent electronic fuse in the amplifier itself to prevent over/under current, temperature, output short, and other faults.
    • Efficient Class D Circuitry - The Class D circuitry on these Apollo series amplifiers is designed to deliver clean, efficient power with minimal current draw from your battery. In addition, the amplifier is designed to prevent damage from overheating and will protect itself.
    • 3 Year Warranty - Fusion and Garmin stand behind these amplifiers with a 3 year warranty. We are online authorized and you can buy with confidence knowing that you are protected for the first 3 years.
    • High Power Mode Adapters Included - If you want to bridge a zone to power a subwoofer, the high power mode adapters connect to the speaker adapters make it simple and easy to bridge your connections and the adpaters includes a magnet which tells the amplifier that the channel is bridged and triggers high-power mode.
    Compatible Head Units
    • Fusion Apollo RA770
    • Fusion Apollo RA670
    • Fusion Apollo WB670
    • Fusion MS-RA210
    • Fusion Marine Zone Stereo
    Configuring the Amplifier

    To configure the amplifier for use with your stereo and speakers, you must use the Fusion-Link app to set up the DSP profile after you have completed the connections.

    1. Follow the instructions in your stereo owner's manual to download the Fusion-Link app and connect it to the stereo. **Make Sure You Connect the Amplifier to the Head Unit First**
    2. Select the appropriate amplifier, speakers, and/or subwoofer(s) for each zone in the Fusion-Link app.
    3. Follow the instructions in the Fusion-Link app to select a configured profile for the connected amplifier, speakers, and/or subwoofer(s).
    4. Send the DSP profile to the connected stereo and test the sound.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the audio system sounds satisfactory.
    Product Specs
    Amplifier Class
    Class D
    RMS Power Output @ 4 Ohms
    150W x 6
    RMS Power Output @ 2 Ohm
    290W x 6
    RMS Power Output @ 4 Ohm Bridged
    580W x 3
    N/A (DSP/App Controlled)
    Crossover Frequency
    N/A (DSP/App Controlled)
    Crossover Slope
    N/A (DSP/App Controlled)
    Bass Boost
    N/A (DSP/App Controlled)
    Selectable Input Switch
    N/A (App Controlled)
    Operating Voltage
    10.8 to 16 VDC
    Fuse Rating
    125A (Electronic - No Replacement Req'd)
    IP Rating
    IPX2 (Dry Location Only)
    11.69" (297mm)
    7.06" (180mm)
    Height (w/o Mounting Bracket)
    1.75" (45mm)
    Height (w/ Mounting Bracket
    2.13" (50mm)
    3 Years
    Head Unit Req'd
    Fusion Apollo (See List Above)

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