# Marine Subwoofer Options Subwoofers help improve your overall sound quality of your stereo system. Playing those low-pitched sound frequencies can be a task for a marine stereo system without a subwoofer; it’s basically impossible to do. One thing you don’t want to is underestimate the size of your subwoofer. It’s always important to have as much space on your boat as possible, so the less space you take up with your stereo system the better. Here at Marine Stereo, we carry subwoofers that come in 8, 10, 12 and 15 inches. Each size is beneficial depending on the standards that you set; you might also look into a subwoofer that comes in an enclosure for guaranteed protection. ## What Kind of Subwoofer Do I Need? First determine what size you need. If you have a larger boat with more space to operate with then you can afford to use a 10-15 inch subwoofer. If you are working with a smaller boat then size needs to be taken into account. Getting an 8-10 inch sub would be the best move while still being able to maximize your small subs’ potential. It will come down to two key factors: multiple subs and placement. If you do have an 8 or 10 inch sub for your boat and are looking to increase the strength of your stereo system then one subwoofer just won’t do it. You’ll need multiple, preferably two or three subwoofers to help boost those sound waves for your boat. When you’re searching for amplifiers, find one that will match up to your subwoofer’s impedance level.; finding matching impedance levels means sound will be emitted clearly with no static. If you want to get a sub with extra protection you can look into our loaded enclosures that we have here on Marine Stereo. Sealed boxes are the style we recommend because it gives your audio a deep, accurate sound that will be still be heard throughout your cruise in the marine environment. Ported subwoofers have more volume and can be tuned to match the correct frequency for the subwoofer. Sealed enclosures produce low sound frequencies more precisely than the ported enclosures and that’s because the box protects the sub’s driver from moving out of place when the boat hits a wave or some type of peak. Sealed enclosures are much more compact as well and unlike the ported enclosures there is no tune, so they are easier to maintain. ## Some of our favorite Marine Subwoofers: ### [JL Audio's M6 Subwoofer](https://www.marinestereo.com/category/jl-audio-m6-subwoofers.html) JL Audio makes great marine subwoofers that are proven to enhance the sound quality of your marine stereo system. Their M6 10” marine subwoofers are well-known for their high power efficiency and ability to deliver high-pitched sound noises in the marine atmosphere. They are true marine grade compliances and are manufactured with a 100% UV protected plastic polypropylene material. The M6 is supremely flexible and comes with a fully insulated lead wire. M6 Subwoofers are the measuring stick to what a good subwoofer should be; powerful, consistent and true marine grade. ### [Rockford Fosgate's Prime Subwoofer](https://www.marinestereo.com/category/rockford-fosgate-marine-subwoofers.html) The Prime subwoofer from Rockford Fosgate can be installed in sealed, vented or infinite baffle enclosures. Its silicone lead wire is fully insulated and extremely flexible as well. The Prime Subwoofer comes with a color matched grille in either black or white and are as strong as ever. They won’t bend easily and are replaceable if you ever need to remove it from your sub. The material used is aramid fiber, which is a type of synthetic polymer substance adds a defensive layer to your subwoofer. Since the Prime is marine certified, the aramid fiber will help boost the defense against UV radiation as well. It is available in 8, 10, or 12 inch sizes.